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Obama Defends Democracy In Athens

Obama Defends Democracy In Athens

President Barack Obama said here Wednesday: Sometimes Donald Trump wins. But that’s also the good thing about democracy, Obama insisted: Trump won’t win in the end. Summoning the founding ideals of democracy here in the Greek capital — he’d just returned from a tour of the Acropolis — Obama’s final major speech on the world stage as president tried to connect history to the future, a zigzagging line he said should prevail, despite the threat he suggested it’s now facing at home and in Europe.
The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice, he said, using his favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote. But the arc of the moral universe hit a snag.
“This impulse to pull back from a global world is understandable. If people feel they are losing control of their future, they will push back,” Obama said.
But the answer, Obama argued, is less make America great again than make America — and the rest of the world — greater than they ever were: “We can’t look backwards for answers, we have to look forward.”

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