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Message To The Black Man: Breaking Down Donald Trump’s “New Deal”



Now that Donald J. Trump has become the 45th President of the United States of America, it’s time for black America to accept it and to figure out how we can benefit. This is not, however, the time for rioting. It’s not time for crying. It’s not time for the Van Jones style post-election emotion-based fear mongering. It’s time to take advantage of this situation for real solutions to real problems that exist within the black community. Nothing more, nothing less.

First things first, black economics have to be on the board. Some people would say, it’s time for black people to become more empowered politically. That is important, but it’s not the primary focus. Money doesn’t solve everything, but it makes everything that much easier to accomplish. We live in a society where money is necessary. Political power, “community outreach” and many other things don’t matter without an economic base to power those things with.

Donald Trump has laid out a 10 point plan for the African American community dubbed “The New Deal” which is a list of attainable goals through conservative leadership that will directly impact black Americans. Finances are touched on in the areas of extending credit/capital to black small business, reduction of tax burdens, tax-free and/or low-tax zones to incentivize business to invest into poor black areas, and also the securing of our nation’s borders to prevent illegal immigration. Illegal immigration hurts us in many ways, but the biggest ways financially are from the jobs illegal people take, and also the money that they expatriate back to their country of origin, making those countries rich while impoverishing ours.

Trump also spoke about trade deals that have bankrupted many of our urban inner city centers. It’s time to reverse them to not only heal black America, but America as a whole. Many other things need to happen with the black community, which I touch on in my video “Message to the Black Man.” Donald Trump becoming President should not be something that people fear, rather it should be something that people embrace. Sometimes the unknown can be scary, but the prospect of the status quo of failure is even scarier.

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